My 5 reasons to take on the inline skate challenge

Why not running like the other moms? Or doing yoga for my stress relief? And isn’t going to the gym a better workout to get in shape? My first post on my brand new blog can’t be about anything other than “what on earth was I thinking buying my inline skates“?


At least, I thought it was fun. But that was my 12-year-old-not-being-afraid-of-anything-and-carefree-mind was thinking. TBH, the first few babysteps on my inline skates weren’t fun at all. I wasn’t in control and rolling from the driveway to the sidewalk was something I had to talk myself into it (honestly, in my own mind I was silently screaming of fear). Let alone, the thought of other people seeing me stumbling or far more worse: falling! All kind of things that can get in your head, but are really not important. Don’t lose hope, it will get fun! Yes ok, you need a lot of patience. You will stumble (sorry), you will fall (outch and sorry again) and other people make all kind of stupid comments (they do, but they’re in fact jealous). After a few weeks of hard work, you will get better and less anxious. There will still be challenges, but they’re there to overcome. And there will be fun, promise!

Getting in shape

I could say that a tight(er) body doesn’t matter, but then I would be lying. Inline skating is a great workout and burns quite some energy, my Galaxy watch says about 350 calories for half an hour (for your information, I skate about 5 kilometres in this time period). Plus it trains a bunch of muscle and is great to update my fitnesslevel. Which definitely is needed after quite a lazy few months. In the past I have often been a sponsor of a gym, I will not make that mistake again. By the way, the purchase of skates and protection equipment costs me less than 3 months subscription to a gym. And yeah, I also did some running in the past. Even went to a training group. But this kind of excercise doesn’t fit me anymore. It gives me sore knees and doesn’t give me the “challenge” feeling. And despite what other say, the endorphin high doesn’t get me during or after running. I was only thinking: “what the hell am I doing??!?”.

Good exAMPLE

I’m not pretending to be the best mom in the world, but I’m trying 😇 And what is greater to let my kid see, that you can take on any challenge? Even when you’re my age…..Haha, no kidding. He is indeed very proud of me. And I’m also glad he’s honest when it doesn’t go well at all (“Mom, that turn really didn’t go well), so I don’t slack. But also glad he also gives compliments, keeping a positieve feeling. And even better, he wants his own inline skates too, yay! But at this point it is already nice to go outside together. He on his bicycle, me on skates. Discussing al kind of themes, proving movement is also getting us creative minds.

Stress = Less

I have to admit that I also did yoga, which was nice I have to admit. But during yoga I still had headspace to think about anything and everything. Things going wrong at work, how other people smell and how the hell the yoga teacher got in that good shape with yoga. Jup, I admit, all these things got in my mind wobbling around on one leg.

Well, with (starting) inline skating it is different! I’d only could think about staying relaxt and talking positive thing to myself (“let’s go MrsFaber!”). The peptalks are less needed now. But being outside, against the wind or with a bit of luck in the sun gives me a positive flow. Plus that sun makes my skin produce vitamin D. And that vitamin D is again important for a good mood. Also for good bone health, which is important for……..not discussing that, That will jinx it.


Not to be confused with FOMO! I think being able to skate inline is just cool to do (OMG who says cool these days 😱 I am getting old…..). Getting better and overcoming (mental) obstacles brings a smile to my face and gives me a strong and powerfull feeling. I can really enjoy increasing speed an making more kilometres while being outside. I think my former 12 year old would be proud of me, just like my kid now. Even though I know inline skating is nowhere near some “real” challenges other people accomplish. But that’s not important, because it’s not my intension to impress anybody else but me.