Week 2 Becoming Skatewise: A great journey of repeating and adapting.

As a Dutch person, you surely know about the famous artist Vincent van Gogh. I’m confident that if I asked someone in a random foreign city about him, there would be at least a glimmer of recognition. This recognition comes from his well-known paintings like “Sunflowers” and “Starry Night.” His art, marked by expression, courage, and movement, has established him as one of history’s most influential artists. During his time, he bravely portrayed his unique perspective, deviating from the mainstream art movements. Although not everyone appreciated him at the time, he remained steadfast in his approach.

Now, you might be wondering what on earth this has to do with inline skating. I get it. Nevertheless, there are creative connections if you look closely 😉

This week, my page focuses on adapting and evolving in a challenging environment.

Dare to Make a Fool of Yourself

For this, I’d like to share a fantastic quote from Mark Manson, which I always keep in mind to push my boundaries. Where did I put it again… ah, there it is!

If you insist on sticking to the well-trodden paths (whatever those paths may be and who on earth came up with them), you’re constantly adapting to the crowd, trying to blend in invisibly. Avoiding being seen as weird or having others form an opinion about you. Being willing (!) to possibly make a fool of yourself helps break free from this pattern. Crossing this boundary helps you be less rigid. After all, learning inline skating is something you and I are doing for ourselves. No one benefits more from it than us. And by the way, no one (permanently) cares if we take a spectacular fall. Everyone is mostly focused on their own lives.

So, cultivate that “fuck you” attitude. Who cares what others think? Throw on your skates and fluorescent leggings, and sing along loudly with the music.

Curious about how stepping out of your comfort zone and benefiting from it can look like? I’d love to share the video below with you.

Alright, let’s get down to business with our second nugget of wisdom – Adapt!

Now, I’m not here contradicting myself, so stick with me. When life throws a hurdle your way, it’s not about cozying up on the sofa with a blanket and tea, embracing your inner grandma. It’s about finding a workaround and pushing through.

I’m just one week into my resolution journey, and hurdles are already making their entrance. And by hurdles, I don’t mean the loose paving stones outside my door.

Hurdle number one: cold

Yes, it’s chilly out there. Daytime temperatures are barely scraping 0 degrees Celsius this week. Now, the easy option is to stay indoors, but that’s a big no-no since I promised myself a weekly skate session. So, here are my practical tips to brave the cold and hit the skating rink:

  • Scout for an indoor skate spot: Unfortunately, my village isn’t exactly a haven for indoor skating, but your luck might differ. Let Google be your guide. Who knows, you might stumble upon some like-minded enthusiasts – a win-win!
  • Bundle up for battle: The sneaky wind is the real opponent here. Layer up strategically. My current armor includes a high-neck fleece hoodie beneath another hoodie, a 60-denier pantyhose (extra synthetic comfort), and leggings (either cotton or more synthetic material) on top. It’s a combo that keeps me warm without feeling like I’m in a straightjacket. I top it off with a helmet (you should too), ensuring my head stays toasty (and safe). Thin sports gloves do the trick, though I usually ditch them once I’m warmed up, especially since I also wrist guards.
  • Let the movement warm you up: Action generates heat. Sure, you might deal with chilly fingers and a runny nose for a bit. You might not be winning any beauty contests, but who cares? When you get home, treat yourself to a rewarding hot shower or bath. Pure bliss! 🚀🔥

Hurdle number two: no cash

No cash? No problem. Get creative instead of being a big spender.

Despite being a hardcore shopaholic, I’ve sworn off buying anything new this month. Trust me, just take a peek into my closet, and you’ll get it. Yet, when I heard the weather was going to be bone-chilling this week, my first thought was, “I need to buy a warm thermal legging, or else I can’t go skating. Yeah, seriously. That’s how my brain operates. Ladies, tell me I’m not the only one? But, sticking to my self-appointed budget coach role, I had to get inventive. As you read above: layering clothes works like a charm. And I had it all lying around.

Other ways to save money on your outfit and gear:

  • Raid your man’s wardrobe: Instead of splurging on an oversized sweater that I thought I absolutely needed, I grabbed a hoodie from my husband. He wears at least 2 sizes larger than me, so that sweater gracefully covers my behind. And, let’s be honest, that’s a bit of a concern in my fabulous 40s. By the way, my husband’s closet is just as overflowing as mine. So, he doesn’t even miss it. Thanks, hubby!
  • Clean your gear after use: Especially now, with wet weather and debris on the roads (think leaves). Keep your bearings dry and clean to prevent premature wear.
  • Rotate your wheels: And do this before they wear down completely on one side because then they become unusable. So, swap them out in time. There are super handy tutorials on YouTube about the order in which to replace your wheels. The only thing I’d recommend buying is a good skate tool to switch them. I use the Wicked smart Bearing Remover, after a tip from a this video:

Okay, this is a one-time small investment (mine cost around €12.50, I think), but it saves you a lot of money because you’re not wrecking your bearings.

  • Need cones for your turns and slaloms? Borrow your kids’ toys. And instead of cones, plastic bowling pins for example are just as good. Just make sure they’re not too light, so they don’t topple over with a gentle breeze. My son actually enjoys it when mom borrows his stuff. Who knows, he might get inspired one day (and not wait until he’s 40 like me).

By the way, where not to skimp: a good helmet and protective gear (knee pads and wrist guards). They should last you a while and are worth the investment.

Tackling the fun ride before turning activities into habits: The motivation quest!

When it comes to inline skating (or any habit you’re trying to master), making it look effortless is a challenge. Summoning the spirit to start, persist, and keep practicing until you’re skating like a pro can feel like a real circus act. There are obstacles galore: the fear of a graceful tumble, looking like a goof, and your technique is definetely is not there (yet!).

All these factors might make you go, “Meh, not feeling it.”

Well, bummer! It’s not going to be a magic show. You won’t wake up one day and suddenly be the skating maestro. Nope, not ever happening.

If you’re aiming for glory and dreaming of being the inline skating sensation, you’ve got to tie up and roll with it!

And that’s why I’m all about the vibes from dailystoic; 🌟

His text (the writer is Ryan Holiday) is so good that I’m simply copying it. So, all credits go to him:

“There is laziness and then there is procrastination. The lazy never do what they’re supposed to do, for a multitude of reasons. It’s too hard, it takes too long, they don’t feel like it.

Those prone to procrastination merely put things off. They tell themselves, “Oh, I’m definitely going to do it, but not right this second.” “I’ve got time later in the week.” This is most of us. We care about getting the important stuff done. Often we care so much it eats at us in the form of anxiety.

Except we don’t want to do it right now (which only adds to the anxiety, of course), so we rationalize our procrastination and concoct perfect scenarios in our head about our future selves definitely doing it.

Seneca said we should alwavs remember “fortune’s habit of behaving just as she pleases.” Waiting not only increases the chance we don’t do it at all with life’s vagaries tendency to intervene, but we might not be so lucky as to have a tomorrow to postpone to. “The whole future lies in uncertainty,” Seneca reminds us. “Live immediately.”

If you want to make the most of your time, eliminate the sentence, “I’Il get to that later” from your lexicon. Do it now.”

Famous Last words for week 2

And with these insightful thoughts, I’m almost ready to conclude the page for this week. Almost, because I want to keep you informed about my progress with New Year’s resolutions:

  • Successfully completing a dry January without any alcohol: check!
  • Dedication to (at least) 5 minutes of daily meditation: check. For your information, I use the “Balance” app.
  • Consistently writing one article per week and starting on Monday: well, you’re reading this now, aren’t you? 😉
  • Progress in weight loss: check. I’ve lost 2.7% from my starting weight, acknowledging that some of it may be water weight. Nevertheless, it remains motivating.

Next week (as promised): my list of recommended individuals to follow for valuable tips on inlineskating, motivation, writing, and fitness. Until then, have a productive time on your wheels 🛼💯